The FCC and broadband spectrum

The FCC is considering new spectrum for wireless broadband.  In lay/market terms, the 2G and 3G spectrum is filling up and carriers want to launch 4G and 5G with higher download speeds.  All reasonably usable spectrum is assigned and has been for years.  So the FCC has two basic choices 1) Make the current wireless broadband providers turn over their 2G and 3G spectrum to new 4G and 5G uses, or 2) find new spectrum from other sources and re-allocate it to the use of wireless carriers.  Unfortunately, the FCC is once again looking at taking away broadcast spectrum.  They already did that once with the conversion to HDTV.  This time around, the broadcast service to the public is likely to decrease.  Where do you tune in to in case of local emergency (snowstorm, hurricane, tornado, etc.)? ATT? Sprint? or your local broadcast station? Answer: your local broadcast station.   Watch this proceeding carefully.  The FCC website is


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