Rick Morris worked for the NBC Television network back when it was #1, as well as numerous television stations from PBS to ABC and Telemundo, and many radio stations.  He has BA, MBA, JD, and LL.M. degrees and has been teaching media and business for 25 years.

The musings on these pages are a combination of fact, interpretation, comment and opinion.

Photos, quotations, and media are either linked to, or else used under the doctrine of fair use.

If you think I have used something of yours in a way that goes beyond fair use, please use the contact page to send me a DMCA take-down notice.

This site is here for your reading pleasure, public information, and public discussion purposes.  We do not collect any personal information at all.  I do not know who you are.  The site’s provider, WordPress, may know more about you than I do and they have their own privacy policy.


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